Prize Bingo

On Friday’s the Centre is full of excited people hoping to win some prizes! People start gathering from midday to buy books and get their seats ready for the Bingo to begin at 12:30. Books cost £1.20 except on the last Friday of the month when they cost £1.00. The last Friday of the month includes 3 meat prizes. The extra 20p per book from the previous weeks go towards the cost of the meat. So to qualify you need to have attended 3 weeks previous. Prizes include cereal, crisps and chocolate for a line. Prizes for a full house include sausage and egg, pie and vegetables, and various drinks.


Cornerstone Centre, 1 Severn Rd, Cheltenham, GL52 5QA


Every Friday at 12:30pm


£1.20 except the last friday of the month which is £1.00